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Welcome to the website of VRL Packers and Movers, your best choice for expert and experienced moving services in Gurgaon city and the surrounding Delhi NCR area. We are experienced packers and movers in Gurgaon who can help you move locally or to another state. We can help you move your home or business. We are proud of the fact that we can give our clients personalised moving services at a lower cost than other packers and movers in Gurgaon. We're known as the best packers and movers in Gurgaon because we offer reliable, professional moving services that put customer satisfaction first.

Our main goal is to provide reliable, great moving services for both homes and businesses, from pick-up to drop-off, without sacrificing quality or reputation. Our business has stuck to the same high standards over the years. Cargo can be moved quickly and safely, even if it is hard to move, as long as all security and safety rules are followed. We can take care of everything, from planning every detail of your move to safely packing and transporting all of your furniture and belongings to your new home.

We can help you store things for a short time or for a long time. When you trust us to move your valuables, you can be sure that they will be taken care of by qualified movers. We know how to help people in Gurgaon move their homes, move their businesses, move their cars, store their things, and pack. We help people move both locally and across state lines.

We offer packers and movers services in Gurgaon that are reliable and care about each person's needs. VRL Packers and Movers has been one of the best moving and storage companies in Gurgaon since the year 2000. We first started helping people move and store their things in Gurgaon, and we quickly became known as a reliable and trustworthy moving company. When we first started our business, we only had a few trucks. Now, we own and run a large fleet of well-kept vehicles.

VRL Packers and Movers is now a well-known company in Gurgaon that helps people move, store, and move to new places. Because we care about quality, safety, customer satisfaction, and the environment, customers have put their trust in us. Years of working in this field have taught us everything we need to know about the steps involved in any move. When you choose us, you can be sure that the moving services will be handled by licenced, insured, and skilled professionals, so you can focus on other things in your life.

We know that each move is different. How do we do things differently for each client? By offering the most personalised moving services that can be found! Our moving plane is made to fit your needs in particular. Our furniture and appliance movers will help you with your schedule, inventory, budget, and moving plan so that every detail is taken care of and you don't have to worry about anything. We are happy to be able to give our clients the freedom they need.

We can load, transport, unload, pack, store, and do other things for you. We want to stand out from the other moving companies in Gurgaon by giving the most reliable and flexible moving services. Since 2001, we have been known as the best packers and movers in Gurgaon because we are honest, trustworthy, and professional. We're here to help you with our resources and knowledge, which lets us focus on giving each customer a quick, low-cost service.

We want to help you with everything, like moving around Gurgaon and India. You don't have to waste time looking for other packers and movers in Gurgaon when you can find the best right here. Our team of friendly packers and movers in Gurgaon has everything you need. We offer full insurance, free packing materials, experienced professionals, and quick and effective service.

We take pride in expert moving and quality packing, ensuring that all relocation work stands out and is recognized. As a result, the majority of our clients are repeat customers who rely on us for all of their moving needs. Moving house furniture is an art that requires experience and dedication, and as a result, few people survive in the furniture removals and moving industry for long. In other words, our long history as packers and movers Gurgaon is proof of our sincerity and hard work. We believe in our destiny and have faith in our quality and experience. In short, if you are moving in Gurgaon or even interstate, our packers and movers Gurgaon team can assist you with all of your furniture Moving and Packing needs.

Contact VRL Packers and Movers Gurgaon as soon as you're ready to move. You can get a FREE quote for your move by filling out a form or calling us.


Why do you need to hire Packers and Movers?

People are often skeptical about hiring professional packers and movers. Moving is generally considered to be a do-by-yourself task. However, there are lot more efforts and skills required for a successful, hassle-free move. Whether you have moved in the past or this is your first time, moving can be a stressful task that takes proper planning and execution. It takes a cautious and organized approach so that your precious belongings are safe during moving process. Handing over the task of moving to professional Packers and Movers frees you from the physical and time-consuming parts of the move, allowing you to focus on other stuff related to your move. In addition, it is difficult to ignore the benefits of hiring a team of experts packers and movers who have years of experience in doing the move on a daily basis. A professional moving company have got all the proper equipment and trained manpower to carry out the move in a professional manner.

The moving company that genuinely cares

We also work on time, so you can quickly turn your new house into a home. But our experience entails more than just knowing the quickest route from A to B; it also entails knowing how to care for your furniture. We have specially designed boxes and packing materials that can be customized to perfectly fit whatever you want us to transport, ensuring that everything arrives in the same condition you left it. We don't just provide the best packers and movers services; we also provide peace of mind by providing tracking options so you always know where your property is.

We can handle any removal professionally because we have the experience and professional moving team. We also have secure storage facilities with security cameras that are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for any belongings that cannot be moved immediately into your new location. Whether you're moving locally or interstate, rely on a packers and movers Gurgaon company with many years of experience in providing exceptional moving services.

Most Reliable & Experienced Packers and Movers Gurgaon

VRL Packers and Movers Gurgaon is full service moving company offering local and nationwide moving services in Gurgaon. The company provide comprehensive range of packing and transportation services for residential and commercial moving. VRL Packers and Movers is a fully licensed and insured Packers and Movers Gurgaon consisting of expert moving professionals who are highly skilled, trained, experienced and equipped with the latest moving equipment to carry any relocation in fastest possible time and within budget. VRL Packers and Movers can assist you in relocating locally in Gurgaon, from Gurgaon to anywhere in India and internationally.

VRL Packers and Movers have its head office in Gurgaon, Haryana with branches in all over India. We exceed expectations in giving most reliable, packers and movers services in Gurgaon city and surrounding areas. We have expertise in household shifting, office shifting, vehicle transportation, storage and packing services for moving locally in Gurgaon as well as interstate moving from Gurgaon. We are experienced packers and movers Gurgaon offering moving services since year 2001. Our moving staff is prepared, experienced, professional and furnished with most recent moving equipment. We give day in and day out client support. We have wide experience in moving residential and commercial clients locally in Gurgaon as well as from Gurgaon to all parts of India.

Our client revies have affirmed that we are a standout among Packers and Movers Gurgaon. We guarantee your relocation is smooth and seamless under the circumstances. We provide upfront moving cost so there are no surprising expenses on the moving day. Our movers are highly skilled in move planning, packing and transportation of your precious belongings. We commitment towards safety of clients belongings have made us the number one choice among Packers and Movers Gurgaon. When searching for genuinely professional packers and movers in Gurgaon, trust VRL Packers and Movers Gurgaon for safe, quick and timely moving services.

Packers and Movers GurgaonAt VRL Packers and Movers Gurgaon we provide wide selection of native and long distance moving services in Gurgaon since year 2001. Each worker of our company is extremely trained and cares concerning the happiness of our customers. We have the best individuals within the moving business, making us the best packers and movers in Gurgaon providing residential and commercial moving services.Experience the distinction that years of service and years of perfecting the personal touch will mean for you. Our service area covers entire Gurgaon city and surrounding Delhi NCR region.

We regard your time. We appear on schedule and convey on schedule. As the first class moving company in Gurgaon, VRL Packers and Movers Gurgaon ensures your fulfillment with each move we attempt. We give genuine feelings of serenity that originates from knowing there is a full client support division behind you that won't leave any issue uncertain. Our devotion to client satisfaction and our polished methodology has earned us a name of being a standout among Packers and Movers Gurgaon. From first statement, the accomplished group of VRL Packers and Movers Gurgaon invest wholeheartedly in orchestrating a consistent move for your home or business, making the change quick and effective. Our central goal is to make your move pleasant.

Our dedicated team at VRL Packers and Movers is always ready and available to assist you with your moving and storage needs, delivering the very highest standards of customer care in all of our services. We're here to help you find cheap Gurgaon storage while also ensuring your safety at all times. We not only look after your belongings in our secure Gurgaon storage facility, but we're also happy to assist with the painful and difficult aspects of the moving process, such as packing and loading your belongings. Don't get bogged down by boxes: our low-cost, high-quality storage solutions will keep your life streamlined and organized. VRL Packers and Movers provides the convenient, quick, and easy storage service in Gurgaon. While others are concerned about packing and how they will find the time to collect and store their belongings, we take care of the hassle and do the hard work for you. We have moved and stored everything and anything, so if you need it to go from A to B (and then back to A or on to C), we can handle it.

Local Advantage

Are you looking for local packers and movers in Gurgaon? VRL Packers and Movers will be there for you. Our moving staff is highly trained and ready to assist you with planning, moving, and setting up in your new location in Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco, whether you are relocating next door or to a completely new neighbourhood.

Your complete satisfaction will always be our top focus, no matter how easy or complicated the situation may be. That's why we keep things simple, our movers are professional, and our customer service is excellent.

For anyone, moving may be a difficult process. It's easy to become overwhelmed by the long list of things to think about. Not only that, but a slew of difficulties can appear out of nowhere at any time. With us, you can unwind! Our local moving company's pleasant employees have seen it all and are prepared to handle everything that arises in a professional and courteous manner. We are local movers who care, as seen by our lengthy list of incredibly satisfied customers.

We are a local packers and movers Gurgaon firm that will get your work done well and on schedule, from free and quick estimates to packing materials. Call now at 09958322502 and speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives. We'll get your life moving in the right direction.

Many of our customers remark to us that our knowledge of the local Gurgaon area gives us a distinct advantage over other packers and movers when it comes to moving within or out of Gurgaon and the surrounding area. Some of our customers have used other packers and movers companies in the past, and felt unsatisfied with their familiarity with local roads and traffic patterns. They also found that those companies were not as good at adjusting to any obstacles that can arise during a move, such as unexpectedly adverse traffic conditions, construction, or road closures. On the other hand, our customers have told us that they’re truly impressed by our level of local knowledge, covering Gurgaon city and surrounding areas. Our familiarity with local traffic, routes and best practices make team of VRL Packers and Movers Gurgaon perfect for anyone moving locally in Gurgaon as well as out of Gurgaon.

Clear Pricing

When it comes to pricing, we provide a clear and realistic moving price before the move. Our customers like our reasonable price and how we don’t add on any hidden charges. In addition, they like that we provide a clear moving estimate before the move, and aim to stick accurately to those estimates. Some of our customers have reported working with other packers and movers Gurgaon in the past that did not have such transparent, affordable rates, so hiring us was a real pleasure for customers who have used our moving services.

Easy Availability

Contact VRL Packers and Movers Gurgaon now to request a free moving quote. We are avalable 24/7 and just a phone call away. We work on weekends and public holidays. Note: Home visit or site visit may be necessary to provide a correct move estimation. You can also visit our Blog for latest offers and article on Packers and Movers Gurgaon. Follow us on Blogger and WordPress for discount offers, moving tips, moving advice and information on moving industry in Gurgaon.

Why Choose VRL Packers and Movers As Your Preferred Packers and Movers Gurgaon?

  1. We have the experience to undertake any type of relocation and handle any tricky situation which may arise.
  2. Our staff are background checked full time employees of VRL Packers and Movers Gurgaon.
  3. Our moving crew is highly skilled and receives regular training on latest moving techniques.
  4. We are equipped with all latest moving equipment necessary to load and unload heavy furniture.
  5. We have our own moving trucks which are well maintained and equipped with safety features to protect your belongings.
  6. We are fully licensed and insured Packers and Movers Gurgaon.
  7. We can relocate you from Gurgaon to anywhere in India and internationally.
  8. We are available on short notice.
  9. We provide 24/7 customer support and live tracking of shipment.

VRL Packers and Movers gives moving services in Gurgaon for all moving budgets. Our packing and moving staff is prepared and experienced to deal with any moving circumstance. Regardless of whether you are moving within or from Gurgaon, VRL Packers and Movers is the moving company for you. Committed to moving your belongings securely and proficiently, we are completely licensed packers and movers in Gurgaon company in a class of our own.Call for a free moving appraisal! Huge or little we have the perfect moving solution that fit your moving requirement. Our professionalism and our focus towards safety of clients valuables are the reasons why you should get in touch with us today for your upcoming move in Gurgaon.

At VRL Packers and Movers Gurgaon we comprehends that relocation can be exceptionally distressing for anybody. Since moving is a not an straightforward procedure, we exceptionally train our staff to give individualized moving support to our clients. Since we are situated in Gurgaon, we extremely particular with taking care of local moving services in Gurgaon and nearby areas. We take extreme precautions to safely pack and transport your belongings and for this we give great importance to packing. We use appropriate and durable moving containers with the correct quality packing materials to pad and secure your delicate and fragile things.

Packing is one of the vital part of relocation process. It guarantees the security of products during transportation. Our movers are highly trained and skilled in packing to avoid any damages during the transportation on busy India roads. As local packers and movers Gurgaon, VRL Packers and Movers is passionate about helping families and businesses in Gurgaon relocate. Combined with a dedicated team of experienced professional individuals and moving specialists, our moving services are second to none. We take pride in the high level of customer care we will provide as you plan and execute your upcoming move to your new home or business in Gurgaon and surrounding areas.

This Is What Experience Gets You

The best way to avoid damage and stress is to hire a team of professional packers and movers who live and breathe this business. That's where VRL Packers and Movers comes in. We are the most qualified packers and movers Gurgaon, and we take pride and care in our work. We also promise to take good care of your valuable goods and belongings throughout the whole moving process.

With more than 22 years of experience in providing household moving, commercial moving, vehicle transportation in Gurgaon, we are proud to keep the strong reputation we've worked hard to build by giving our clients a professional, efficient, caring, and personalized service. We have moved people for a long time and has seen everything there is to see. This is how we learned what we know and what we have done. This is a sign of authority because it shows not only how much experience we have, but also how much wisdom or moving team have gained to make sure every move is safe and goes well. What's even better is that we have set up a system that saves so much time and money of our clients.

What Do Our Professional Packing Services Include?

When packing, our packers and movers Gurgaon team will treat your things with the same care they would want for their own. Before you move, we make sure that all of your things are packed safely and securely. When you hire a professional packers and movers company, you can be sure that the move to your new home will go as smoothly as possible.

Some of the things we do for professional packing are:

  • Bubble wrap and paper are used to pack things safely.
  • Furniture shrink-wrapping and padding.
  • Labeling that is organized and easy to read.
  • Boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and other packing materials.
  • Planning and putting things together.
  • Optional services to help you unpack at your new home

VRL Packers and Movers Gurgaon moving team is happy to help whether you want us to pack up your whole house and unpack it at your new place, you want to pack your own things and just need boxes, or you want to do some of the packing and unpacking yourself but not all of it.

Long Distance Moving Charges from Gurgaon

Moving Items / City Delhi Chandigarh Jaipur Hyderabad Mumbai
Local Household Shifting 6,500 - 12,000 7,000 - 18,000 9,000 - 24,000 8,000 - 22,000 10,000 - 26,000
Nationwide Household Shifting 12,500 - 25,000 13,000 - 26,000 15,000 - 35,000 14,000 - 30,000 18,000 - 40,000
1BHK House Shifting 10,500 - 20,000 12,000 - 24,000 15,000 - 28,000 13,000 - 26,000 17,000 - 34,000
2BHK House Shifting 12,500 - 22,000 14,000 - 30,000 18,000 - 35,000 15,000 - 33,000 22,000 - 40,000
2-3BHK House Shifting 15,500 - 30,000 18,000 - 35,000 22,000 - 38,000 20,000 - 36,000 26,000 - 42,000
3BHK House Shifting 20,500 - 35,000 22,000 - 40,000 26,000 - 45,000 26,000 - 42,000 30,000 - 50,000
4BHK House Shifting 25,500 - 42,000 28,000 - 45,000 32,000 - 50,000 30,000 - 45,000 35,000 - 60,000
5BHK or Villa Shifting 28,500 - 45,000 32,000 - 48,000 38,000 - 55,000 35,000 - 52,000 45,000 - 70,000
House Shifting + Vehicle 14,500 - 26,000 15,000 - 30,000 15,000 - 30,000 14,000 - 28,000 20,000 - 40,000
Vehicle Only 3,500 - 5,000 4,000 - 7,000 4,000 - 7,000 4,000 - 7,000 6,000 - 12,000
Local Office Relocation 10,500 - 20,000 12,000 - 32,000 13,000 - 34,000 18,000 - 36,000 20,000 - 38,000
Interstate office Relocation 20,500 - 35,000 24,000 - 40,000 28,000 - 46,000 26,000 - 44,000 32,000 - 50,000

Note: Please note that the prices mentioned above are approximate cost and is subject to change as per distance and volume
of shifting..

Local Moving Charges Within Gurgaon

Items / Distance Upto 10 KM 11-20 KM 20 KM-50 KM
1 BHK 4000-7000 6000-9000 8000-11000
2 BHK 6000-11000 8000-13000 9000-16000
3 BHK 9000-13000 16000-21000 13000-19000
4 BHK 16000-21000 21000-26000 20000-26000
Few HouseHold Items Goods 1000-4000 3000-5000 3000-7000

Please note that the prices mentioned above are approximate cost and is subject to change as per distance and volume.

Need help in you relocation? We are available 24/7


Our Service Area

VRL Packers and Movers provides complete packers and movers services in Gurgaon for local and long distance relocation. We specialize in residential moving, business relocation, car transportation, storage and packing. Our service area covers entire Gurgaon city and its suburbs.  We provide professional packers and movers services to following areas in Gurgaon.

DLF Phase 1, DLF Phase 2, DLF Phase 3, DLF Phase 4, DLF Phase 5, Golf Course Road, Manesar, M.G. Road, Nirvana County, Palam Vihar, Patel Nagar, Sector 10, Sector 11, Sector 12, Sector 13, Sector 14, Sector 15, Sector 16, Sector 17, Sector 18, Sector 19, Sector 20, Sector 21, Sector 22, Sector 24, Sector 25, Sector 26, Sector 37, Sector 56, Sector 57, Sector 72, Sikanderpur, Sohna Road, South City 1, South City 2, Sultanpur, Sushant Lok, Udyog Vihar and many more.

All India Service Area

Agra, Amritsar, Bangalore, Bhopal, Ghaziabad, Faridabad


  1. Ask For Recommendations: Ask your friends, co-workers and family members for recommendations and search on Internet for “Packers and Movers Gurgaon.” Make a list of at least 8 to 10 packers and movers companies to choose from.

  2. Verify packers and movers Companies’ License and Insurance: Every household packers and movers company in Gurgaon must have a license to transport goods for one location to another. Never ever hire unlicensed packers and movers if you want to have a stress-free move in Gurgaon.

  3. Request packers and movers Quotes in Writing: Before finalizing the packers and movers Gurgaon company. make sure to have detailed moving quote with all possible charges for any specific packing material and additional services. Having quotes provided in writing will help you to compare various quotes and feel safe that you will avoid any hidden fees from cheap Packers and Movers Gurgaon.

  4. Check Reviews on Internet: It is very important to check the reviews of Packers and Movers Gurgaon company before finalizing on the moving company. There are many websites available on internet on which people put their reviews about packers and movers whom they have used. Also check the company's review on Google.

  5. Share in  detail what you want to shift: You should prepare a list of all the items which you want to shift to the new location with approximate size and weight. This gives an idea to Packers and Movers Gurgaon company about the quantity packing material required, manpower needed and type of moving truck required for the move. Also share with them the difficulty of the move such as narrow staircase, parking facility etc. This will ensure that you won't be having any disparities with Packers and Movers company at the last minute.

  6. Avoid Packers and Movers companies accepting only cash payments. Any reputable Packers and Movers Gurgaon accepts cheque and card payments, too.

  7. Prioritize Packers and Movers Gurgaon which answers your emails and calls promptly. If you can’t reach ‘your’ movers in Gurgaon for hours during business hours that’s should be a cause of concern. What if the same is going to happen on the moving date?

  8. Get a Moving Insurance: This is the step which is skipped by many as it involves additional cost specially for local moves. Buying a moving insurance is always recommended as things can go bad anytime such as accidents, bad weather etc. You should be prepared for this and investing a small money in buying a moving insurance can save you lot of stress if something do go wrong during the move.

  9. Once you’ve made a decision to hire a particular Packers and Movers Gurgaon, get a moving contract with all move details including the rates, pickup and delivery date/time. Otherwise, it can potentially lead to a small disaster as many moving companies add hidden charges or differ the delivery date.

  10. Remember that the cheapest is not always the best. Don’t try to save some money on your move by hiring Packers and Movers Gurgaon with cheapest price because damages may cost you more. Follow all the steps above and if everything else is right then choose a Packers and Movers Gurgaon company with the lowest rates. Otherwise, choose the ones who have much better reviews rather than the cheapest option.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to move interstate. Can you provide interstate moving services?

Yes. We are fully licensed moving company and can move you from Gurgaon to anywhere in India.

Do you provide a free moving estimate?

Yes, call our customer support numbers and set up a time for the move planner to visit you and get all the details about the move. The move planner will access all the items to be moved and based on the distance and difficulty of the move, will give you an estimate of the move.

What are the charges of packers and movers in Gurgaon?

The charges of packers and movers totally depends of items to be moved, distance to be traveled, difficulty of the move, labor cost and packing material cost. The relocation cost vary from Rs. 3000 for local moves to 7000 for inter-state moves.

Why do I need moving insurance if everything is packed professionally by Packers and Movers?

You must get your move insured even when your belongings are packed professionally by packers and movers company as it would save you from any loss in case the items are damaged due to unexpected reason such as road accident during the moving process.

Do you charge separately for packing material?

Depending on the volume of your move our quote includes the packing charges. However if there are any special packing requirement such as wooden crating that will be chargeable extra. We will inform you about the charges at the time of giving moving quote.

What types of moving services your company provide?

VRL Packers and Movers Gurgaon specialize and are experienced in providing residential moving, office relocation, vehicle transportation and packing services for shifting from Gurgaon to anywhere across India.

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"Dear Customers, We are open and ready to help you in these unprecedented times. Our community's health and well-being are of the utmost importance to us. While remaining fully compliant with city-wide mandates, we are also taking extra precautions to keep our customers and employees safe. We provide gloves, hand sanitizers, and face masks to our movers so that everyone feels safe during the move. We also use laser thermometers to check employee temperatures every morning, disinfect trucks on a daily basis, and have redesigned how our movers interact with one another at our facilities to maintain high levels of social distancing. We understand how stressful moving can be in the first place, so rest assured that we will do everything possible to move you safely."

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